Rachel Coleman

Ms. Coleman graduated with honors from Ventura College where she obtained her Associate Degree and then received her Juris Doctorate from the Ventura College of Law.  During law school, Ms. Coleman participated in the Certified Law Student program through the State Bar, which allowed her to make court appearances and attend depositions under the supervision of a managing attorney.  Ms. Coleman also acted as the Student Bar President and the Dean of Delta Theta Phi.  During her first two years of practice, Ms. Coleman litigated a wide variety of civil matters including personal injury, business disputes involving contracts, employment, and real property with a local law firm.

Ms. Coleman practiced for the last six years as a civil litigation and criminal defense attorney. She litigated civil matters including personal injury, business disputes, real property, and contracts.

Ms. Coleman sat on the Ventura County Barristers Board from to 2009-2016. She also was a part-time instructor at UCSB Extension Paralegal Program from 2010-2016.  Ms. Coleman currently sits on the editorial board of the Ventura County Bar Association magazine, Citations.  She also sits on the board of the Ventura County Bar Association.  As a member of the editorial board of Citations, she published several judicial profiles as well as other articles related to local legal topics.